Embroidery artist, Carley, is sitting against a wooden headboard, stitching a floral pattern onto a piece of fabric. Carley wears a light blue button-up shirt and holds a needle and thread in one hand while guiding the fabric with the other.

Meet the Artist

Carley is an Edmonton native who has been obsessing over birds and art for the better part of her life. Originally a painter, she began embroidering in late 2019 and used it to overcome anxiety and rediscover her creativity. You can find her on most days hanging out with her son and her cats, re-watching friends for the 284th time, or over-watering her plants. Her favourite thing about embroidery is the ability to create unique visuals using textures, colours, and different stitching techniques. She firmly believes that birds are the perfect subject of embroidery and dares you to prove her wrong. She’s also very good at warding off Canada geese.


Looking for our products in-store? We've partnered with some incredible humans to supply our embroidery kits in the following independent retail shops:

  • The Tesserae | 6421 112 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB | Website
  • ShopAGA - The Art Gallery of Alberta | 2 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton AB | Website
  • Makers | Second Floor of West Edmonton Mall (across from the Sea Lion Demo), Edmonton AB | Website
  • Whimsical Vintage Creations | 101 3919, 49th ave, Stony Plain, AB | Website

Interested in becoming a stockist? Email me at carley@nest-embirdery.ca !

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