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Sea Otter PDF Pattern

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The Sea Otter is one of North America's most charismatic and endangered species, due to oil spills, loss of food, and entanglement in fishing lines. Proceeds towards this purchase go towards animal conservation to help endangered animals such as the sea otter!

Create your own sea otter piece with this digital PDF pattern! *** Please note that this is a DIGITAL PURCHASE ONLY, no physical item will be shipped.***

Includes an 11 page step-by-step guide and a 6 page stitch guide with pictures. This pattern is beginner friendly, with no more than five required stitches! Due to the intricacy of the linework, this PDF is designed for an eight inch hoop but can be resized for different hoop sizes. However, you may lose some of the finer details by sizing down.

Please note: You will need a PDF reader to access this file on your computer. If you do not have one, you can get a free PDF reader here: http://get.adobe.com/reader/

When printing the pattern, ensure your printer is set to print to "Actual Size".

Once you've completed your piece, show me!! Find me on instagram at @nest.embirdery or reach out to me at carley@nest-embirdery.ca.

This pattern is intended for personal use only and should not be reproduced, replicated, or commercially distributed. Copyright Nest Embirdery.

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10% for wildlife

Carley has grown up loving animals and is passionate about wildlife conservation and rehabilitation. Every six months, an organization will be chosen to receive 10% of all product sales.

Our current organization is Forest & Bird, one of New Zealand's leading conservation organizations that work to preserve New Zealand's unique and amazing flora and fauna. The wildlife of New Zealand are constantly threatened by habitat loss, human conflict, and introduced predators. Forest & Bird works to preserve habitat and restore animal populations to what they once were.

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