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Deep Sea Anglerfish

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The deep sea is home to all sorts of bizarre and nightmare-inducing creatures. The anglerfish is no exception. Prey is unpredictable and often hard to find, so these fish can't afford to be picky. Their giant mouths, teeth, and stomach are adapted to be able to catch anything they might find. This floral piece was hand-stitched on 100% Kona cotton and is framed in a 7-inch Elbesee beechwood hoop. This piece also includes beadwork, some of which are glow-in-the-dark!


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10% for wildlife

Carley has grown up loving animals and is passionate about wildlife conservation and rehabilitation. Every six months, an organization will be chosen to receive 10% of all product sales.

Our current organization is Forest & Bird, one of New Zealand's leading conservation organizations that work to preserve New Zealand's unique and amazing flora and fauna. The wildlife of New Zealand are constantly threatened by habitat loss, human conflict, and introduced predators. Forest & Bird works to preserve habitat and restore animal populations to what they once were.

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