Stick and Stitch Nest Box

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Have you started your embroidery journey but don't know which supplies you might need? Bolster your embroidery cache with this curated box of my favourite embroidery supplies - stick and stitch pack included! These stick and stitch packs can be used on the fabric provided or you can use the patterns to breathe some life into your favourite piece of clothing!

Included in this box of goodies:

  • Stick and Stitch pack of your choice
  • 10 full DMC floss skeins
  • 15 Bobbins for storing your floss
  • 3 John James embroidery needles (size 7)
  • Four Kona Solids Fat Quarters - 18 x 22 in (Snow, Meringue, Eucalyptus, Fog)
  • 1/2 metre of patterned backing fabric
  • Three Elbesee beech wood embroidery hoops - 4, 5, and 6 inch
  • Needle minder Surprise Bag
  • QR code for stitch guide in PDF form (This is a generic stitch guide of how to do different stitches. No specific guides are given for the stick and stitch pack.)

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